Fade Away Big Update

New version will be 1.0.1 which fixes many bugs and gives graphical and performance improvements to the whole game.


From version 1.0


  • Loading screen got a graphical update
  • Fixed a bug where character could jump on walls
  • Minor graphical improvements

Forest map

  • Interactive tree is now easier to knock down
  • Death spikes area fixed
  • New level transition

Cliff map

  • Object layer graphical fix
  • Added foreground layer
  • Fixed player stopping bug
  • New level transition

Cave map

  • Fixed sliding problem, character used to get stuck on a slide
  • Background fox is now larger, graphical problem
  • Spike wall graphical problem fixed
  • Ground collider fixes

From version 1.0.1 Hotfix

Hill map

  • Critical issue where the player couldn't continue after collecting first leaf
  • World will now change to white again after first leaf
  • Fixed a problem where the character dies during a cutscene

Forest map

  • Ground graphics and colliders have been changed
  • Ropes are now easier to break
  • Player can now move during rope cutscene
  • Player camera movement changes

Cave map

  • Bug fixed where all falling rocks changes to black
  • Character cannot push tile trigger down anymore
  • Cutscene problem fixed
  • New level transition


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Version 1.0.1 Oct 07, 2017

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